3rd Eye Perceptions has some basic terms of service you should be aware of, before purchasing from us.


  1.  We are NOT original mesh creators. We build with full perm items from other creators. So don’t come at us with your swords swinging that you found a product like ours and feel ripped off.
  2.  We do NOT offer refunds. Our products are copy / mod / NO transfer for your convenience of modifying them. On the down side you have no way of returning our product to us. Please shop carefully and make sure your buying the product you want.
  3.  We do NOT tolerate disrespectful behavior on sim or in chat twords any of our team or customers. Such behavior will result in group and sim bans with no further customer assistance!


Custom Orders

  1.  Any custom order will be written up in a notecard and signed by both parties. This is a binding contract breaking any agreement will result in group and sim bans with no further customer assistance or refunds!
  2.  Custom builds are never exclusive and we have the right to resell any product created by us. On the plus side this keeps custom orders available at a lower cost.
  3.  We require half down as a deposit to start any custom work. This is a rough estimate and may vary as our work progresses and complications arise.
  4.  If something happens on your side and your unable to pay the remainder be it irl / sl rent / land loss ect ect This deposite is NOT refundable under any circumstances and your under breach of contract. NO item will be delivered to you.
  5.  We will not transfer free copies of a custom build to your partner / alt ect. you get one copy its up to them to purchase another if needed.


Amended 6/30/16