Custom Orders

Thank you for your interest in owning a 3rd eye perceptions product! Please below carefully and contact me with all the necessary information to start this process.

If your request is beyond my building expertise i’m always happy to recommend you to another builder that maybe able to help.

~ I require a note card or email of details listing what you need created.

  1. including size in meters and a example prim that fits the space ( please make sure its full perm)
  2. maximum prim count allowed.
  3. Specific avatar this item needs to fit.
  4. or any other special details and features you’d like.
  5. Feel free to contact me to come visit you and get a clearer look at where or whats needed.



  1.  Custom builds are never exclusive and we have the right to resell any product created by us. On the plus side this keeps the builds affordable.
  2. We require half down as a deposit to start any work. this is a rough estimate and may vary.
  3. IF something happens on your side irl / sl rent / land loss ect. This deposit is NOT refundable under any circumstances. But you can purchase your product at a later date with a discount.
  4. i will not transfer free copies to your partner / alt ect. you get one copy its up to them to purchase another if needed.

    * All our work is copy mod so you will always have a safe backup copy.

    * most custom orders ( depending on the size, detail & my irl situation ) have a completion date of around a week. In smaller cases it can be only a few hours or days.